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    TrueFire Studios’ family of brands, websites and social networks include TrueFire, ArtistWorks, JamPlay and FaderPro. Over 3 million music students, pro musicians and fans, from virtually every country in the world, take their musicianship to the next level with TrueFire Studios’ massive library of interactive video music lessons, patented learning systems and all-star faculty of artists & educators.

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  • TrueFire Studios BY THE NUMBERS

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    Most Interesting Disruptors We Must Keep Watching in 2021: Tesla, Peloton and a growing guitar company named TrueFire

    “TrueFire is a masterpiece of user experience with a multinational online community of over 3 million guitarists and a social media footprint that is double that of its biggest competitor.”


    —Brad Brinegar/Adweek

  • CO-MARKETING Partners

    Over the past 25 years, we partnered with leading music industry brands on a wide variety of marketing, educational and promotional programs. Together with our co-marketing partners, we’ve successfully staged everything from simple product giveaways to sales incentives to full-blown co-branded lesson libraries that live on our partners’ websites. Here's just a few of the brands that we're proud to call partners...

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    All of our brands stage several promotions throughout the year reaching millions of musicians and industry professionals. Most promotions feature a “Giveaway” overlay prominently featuring our co-marketing partners' products in the prize pool. Easy to execute with mega exposure!


    Use our educational products as an incentive to purchase your products. For example, “Buy a Guitar and Get a Free TrueFire Tuition (value $XXX!)” or include a Free Course voucher in your product’s case or packaging during your promotional period. Online or offline, we can help you ring the register!


    TrueFire will configure a library of educational video content for your own website and customers. The library would complement the styles associated with your audience, and their levels of play from beginner to advanced. We’ll even produce original content with your instruments gear!


    Having TrueFire produce a course with one of your artists is a win-win-win. We get top-notch talent to work with, the artist earns incremental income and your brand benefits from the exposure and impressions generated every single time your artist's content is viewed. Slam dunk!


    TrueFire conducts live streaming events all of the time. The themes vary from concerts to interviews to gear tutorials and new product announcements. The live event becomes an on-demand video immediately after the event generating tens of thousands of views over its lifetime.


    TrueFire video content generates tens of millions of views monthly across our own websites, desktop apps, mobile platforms and social media network. We’ll feature one of your products in one of our productions along with a full editorial-like rundown to generate awareness and interest.


    Shout out to learn more!

    Zach Wendkos
    (727) 898-8866
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